Based on the success of our DOCSIS 3.1 compatible module set for Cisco optical nodes, Comtech has decided to continue the development work in this topic. We offer three new types of such products. The first one is a CSC-EQ return path equalizer module for the 93xxx series EGC amplifiers. This unit acts as the conventional return path equalizers for this series, but works with 204 MHz bandwidth utilizing the whole frequency band provided by the return path gain stage.
The owners of the same amplifier family are targeted by the CSC-TERM electronic handheld terminal. This device can fully control the electronic alignment products, provides more clean and clear keyboard than the original one, further it has a USB port - allowing the easy software update by the user.
The third device is the CSC-HRF-SP4 4-way combiner, which fits the obsolete 9900 RF signal manager family from the mechanical side, but contains DOCSIS 3.1 electronics.
Detailed information on each product can be found on the following links:


CSC-EQ-204 and other passives for Cisco

CSC-TERM handheld terminal

CSC-HRF-SP4 headend RF signal organizer module


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