Our misson: renewal

COMTECH has achieved the most important milestone in its life so far: from March this year, the company has been taken over by a new ownership that ensures the future success of the company and its partners’. The decades of unique experience, knowledge and expertise that has brought COMTECH a leading position in Hungary are now combined with a new look, vision and dinamics. It would not be a better opportunity to introduce the renewed company to the international audience as the sector's most important European forum, this year's ANGA COM exhibition. COMTECH offers its customers presentations, prize games, wine and pálinka tasting at Cologne Exhibition on 4-6 June. In the spirit of renewal, we will soon be launching a brand new website. In the meantime, for our products and services, please feel free to contact us at any of the contact details below, our colleagues are at your disposal.

Our company: experience, tradition and knowledge

COMTECH Ltd. is a middle sized 100 percent Hungarian private property company for developing and manufacturing optical and broadband telecommunication devices. Our portfolio covers all the transmission and element management layers of a CATV system with all its needed accessories. The wide product range, the ideal headcount and the high qualified development group with more than 25 years experience make possible to satisfy fast even the special customer needs. Our flexibility is supported by the fact that the management, development, sales, logistics and manufacturing departments are placed at the same location in Győr, at the North-Western border of the country.

Our passion: quality

The quality of COMTECH products is warranted by the ISO 9001 certification, while our technical awareness is ensured by the SCTE membership. Further, as a trusted partner of more hundred service providers worldwide we not only prepare the desired products but give either system or device level help even at the field.

Our guarantee: hundreds of satisfied customers

Over three hundred satisfied customers across Europe guarantee that our services provide solutions to every problem.

Our products

HFC Solutions for Network Evolution

Comtech offers manageable modular HFC products for all network segments allowing leapfrog or continuous bandwidth extension by an easy and seamless way.

Bespoke Products

Comtech developes complete devices as well as functional modules to solve special problems in an HFC network or to add nonconvential features to an element.

Value Saving Projects

Comtech undertakes to extend the capacity and lifetime of an existing network element set in order to cut efficiently CAPEX and OPEX as well.