The elements of the HRF-D complex, forward path signal manager family are available in the Comtech product range since February. By the convenient cascading of these elements the desired CATV spectrum can be built up for each service segments: The construction of the devices allows to connect each narrowcast source (element management, CMTS, CCAP, VoD, SDV etc.) to a particular segment, to a group of given segements or to all the segments, and ensures optimal level values without any alignment.

By using the HRF-D product family designed for serving maximum 512 segments a signal organizing system can be realized, which needs less space in the rack and is more clear-cut than the conventional, modular solutions. The system – with the HRF-R complementary, return path signal manager family – is able to serve the most difficult CATV networks too.


Detailed information on the devices can be found here: 


White paper for the forward path solution

Datasheet for the forward path solution

White paper for the forward path solution

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