Comtech has developed a very cost effective, flexible and future proof technology of Fiber Deep systems based on the detection of CWDM signals without demultiplexing. Its take-off is well known: the optical section is terminated directly before the passive distribution network, while more key elements of the original HFC network can be left absolutely unchanged. Regarding to this the transmission capacity is improved and the energy consumption is decreased.

The essence of the Comtech solution is that the possible return path capacity improvement exceeds significantly the actual subscriber needs, so the combined CWDM channels originating from different nodes should not be handled separately (demultiplexed), it is enough to serve them with only one optical receiver and only one CMTS port. In case of growth of need against the return path capacities the optical multiplex can be divided any time into smaller wavelength groups or into separate wavelengths in order to serve them with independent (later purchased) receivers and with newly installed CMTS ports.

The renewed Comtech headend optical receivers support the handling of combined return path channels by eliminating the decrease of OMI, which can be observed in case of conventional optical receivers. For building a whole solution we offer also four types of nodes (even with built-in UPS) and cable simulator units, which are needed in Fiber Deep systems.


More information about the solution is available here.

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