Nowadays if a network is renewed, in the most cases DOCSIS 3.1 compatible systems with a bandwidth of 1.2 GHz will be worked up – even if this capacity in the frequency range is only partially utilized. The background is that the outside plant devices are already amortized, while the existing DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS can offer sufficient service for the subscribers, but the future-proof work should be established. In order to perform the system alignment only one time, it is critical to realize reliable measurements at the highest (and temporarily not used) frequencies.

That is the reason, why one of our partners, UPC Czech has had the idea for generating CW measurement signals with stable level and frequency at the lower and upper band limits. This was a typical project for a bespoke product. As always in such cases, a comprehensive discussion was started, where the UPC colleagues have drawn up their technical requirements. Based on this a headend-style product was invented with the support of the Comtech development department. Such features were fixed, like a housing compatible with standard modulators, management using SNMP or 4 independent CW channels with carriers agile in 3 different frequency ranges.

Regarding to these information Comtech has developed and built the first device, and sent it to UPC for a test. We have received a very short reaction: „From technical point of view it is fully suitable for required purpose”.

Since the begining of this year this product is already available in our portfolio. Further information on this type can be found at the following link:


HRF-PG Pilot generator

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