Comtech turns 30

Dear Partner!

In the last period, all of the globe and the businesses were fighting against the COVID-19, which prevented the opportunity of participating in professional conferences, exhibitions. We had to avoid personal contacts, but now – bearing our mind all of the security measures – we would like to break the silence because we believe in the power of personal connections. Therefore we would like to celebrate our 30th anniversary with our key partners in a whole day mini-conference. We invited speakers from both the service providers and manufacturers from different countries.

The thematic of the conference is built around 3 topics:

  1. Ongoing network developments: How do the technical, competitive and other factors determine the short-term evaluation.
  2. Mid-, long-term opportunities in HFC, how the industry-leading professionals view the future of HFC, the transition into full fiber infrastructure
  3. What happened in the semiconductor industry that resulted an incredible price boom and 30-50 weeks delivery time? How does that affect the whole supply chain?

Some of the speakers:

  1. Roderick Cassar – Melita (Malta)
  2. Vladimir Rakic – Ibis (Serbia)
  3. Róbert Szűcs – Magyar Telekom (Hungary)
  4. Zoltán Veres – Vodafone Magyarország (Hungary)
  5. David Whitehead – Harmonic (USA)
  6. Zvonimir Zelenika – A1 Hrvatska (Croatia)

After the lunch, wine tasting and visiting the Abbey of Pannonhalma (cca 15 km from Győr) exclusively for our partners, visiting the perfume museum and closing the day with a dinner in the restaurant of the Abbey.

30th September 2021, Thursday

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