Introduction of the new optical platform

Our headend optical devices are available with new surface. The new design gives not only a look corresponding to the most recent trends, but also symbolizes fitting of the technical content to the needs of DOCSIS 3.1 systems.




The most important development of the last one year period was completing the module set by the FOT-D externally modulated, 1550 nm DWDM optical transmitter. The features of the device – that can be rated as our new flagship – has been evolved in order to serve the technical needs of HFCRFoG and GPON RF overlay networks without compromises. The used DWDM technology, the fiber length dependent dispersion compensation, furthermore the possibility for fine tuning the SBS threshold and wavelength ensure the highest level flexibility up to a link length of 100 km – warranting a MER value higher than 42 dB even in case of such optical sections.






In case of the formerly available transmitter types (FOT-A/B/C) the power consumption has been significantly reduced, while in case of receivers decreasing the noise level was the main achieved goal.




The forward path version (SFOR) has got improved maximal output level and an equalizer applicable up to 16 dB in order to fit the device equally to hubs and driving RF segments directly (as our customers required).


During the modernisation work we have continuously considered as a key point to keep the advantageous features of the formerly models, so the new version are also able to realize redundancy and the all have unique local setup interface. At the latter a graphical OLED display has changed the old 7-segment one to provide more clean and clear usage. Along with this the cross compatibility between the old and new platform elements is ensured from the mechanical, powering as well as communication side.


We plan to extend our headend portfolio by further elements in the near future, we will inform our partners about the results continuously.


OCM2012 - mainframe


OCM2002 – mainframe