Motorola BLExxx

Amplifier upgrade

This line extender can be prepared for the up-to-date services very flexible thanks to the modular construction. The breakpoint at the Motorola BLE series is changed to 85/105 MHz, while the forward path bandwidth is improved from 862 MHz to 1 GHz.
The device can contain an automatic slope and gain control module, the pilot frequency of it can be also modified, while in case of missing module a new module can be built for it. Similarly on demand monitoring transponder with return path ingress switch may be supplied. The reliability of the device is amendable by the refurbishment of the switching mode power supply.
The upgrade task contains by default a fully comprehensive test procedure, which concerns not only the modified functions - if necessary, the device is repaired. After this a new label with modified type code and parameter list is sticked on the housing.