Bespoke products

The most CATV networks and layers can be operated by using standard products, but situations where a special element is needed also can occur. COMTECH is ready for developing taylor-made solutions or modifying the existing types to provide the suitable network elements for a given application. Our special equipments are usually classical CATV building blocks and modules with on-demand parameters, but we have manufactured other instruments for the 'backstage' works too.


Based on the customers' notions we have realized for example superredundancy for case of power cut, nonconventional bandwidth and impedance, functionally reconfigurable devices allowing a switch over between an energy efficient line amplifier mode and a whole bridger amplifier mode, as well as complex but compact signal organizers in 1U size optimized for existing headend application with even up to 64 connection points. Let you look over our main bespoke products sold up to this point, read the stories of each types and make up your own product idea!


"In 2012 Melita started looking for new amplifiers to upgrade the HFC network due to the continuous increase demand in bandwidth. After going through a number of solutions we met Comtech guys at ANGA. They gave us a few options for amplifiers that suited Melita requirements. Throughout 2013 and 2014 we continued with these upgrades with no hiccups. Both the Sales team and the Technical team are very helpful. We are looking forward to continue working with Comtech in the coming years!"

(Roderick Cassar; Senior HFC Engineer; Melita plc.; Malta)


Special optical nodes

The Comtech special nodes are matched to networks with unregular topology. We have developed devices for EttH, elements with integrated WWDM filters and with separated ports for forward and return path. Also a sufficed demand was a switching mode power supply with supplementary battery to ensure the work of the monitoring transponder even in case of power-cut. Our main customers in this topic are Caiw, Magyar Telekom and UPC Hungary.


Special broadband amplifiers

Some applications need on-demand gain values, bypass option, separated forward/return path ports, switchable second output stage, interior structure matched to a specific network architecture and so on. You can read below about amplifiers developed for the demands of Intop, Melita, SKP, UPC Hungary and Vietnam NTI.



Optical modules for foreign nodes

At a network segmentation, upgrade or topology modification step can occur the situation that a relative new optical device needs a further return path module or simply an another return path module with extended bandwidth or optical power, possibly with a CWDM wavelength. If the searched module is no more available, causes to high CAPEX or needs an extra function (e.g. an integrated pilot generator), Comtech will create it dedicated for your application. UPC Hungary has already resorted this service for its existing Harmonic and Antec Nodes.


RF modules for foreign types

Even a perfect working network element with high enough basic bandwidth needs a new module set in case of breakpoint-change or pretence for a special service. To offer a really cost-effective and technically suitable solution for this COMTECH manufactures active and passive modules for foreign amplifiers and nodes. Only the corresponding plug-ins must be changed and the network will operate with new parameters. If you are not sure whether your devices are capable of this upgrade, COMTECH technicians examine them gladly for you and in case of need do the required modifications on the non-modular circuits too. SKP, UPC Hungary and Magyar Telekom has already ordered our modules made for Antec, Kathrein, Motorola, Wisi and of course COMTECH instruments.


Monitoring modules for foreign types

To utilize the benefits of the comfortable and extremely robust Comtech ComMon network element management solution more customers asked us for transponders using this protocol but compatible with devices from other manufacturers. Based on their needs communication and ingress switching elements have been developed for C-COR, Cisco, Harmonic, Kathrein and Motorola amplifiers and nodes. More of them are already available with standard and other type of special protocols too. These products are very popular at the larger hungarian service providers.


Compact RF/informatical solutions

It is not rare if a customer has a special and very complex problem. This means that many different-like features must be present at the same time such as well defined RF parameters, software interfaces, mechanical construction and so on. Comtech copes with that kind of challenges too. A really good example is the X2 gateway what is developed for replacing seamless an existing device. Beside the overall compatibility a series of comfort functions were needed since the former experiences discovered the inadequacies of the old solution. Based on this need our product range was broadened with a HMS/SMC monitoring gateway that provides flexibly variable RF structure, WebGUI, Linux based local interface and power redundancy. This instrument was developed on behalf of KDG but is also used by Kevag, Media Broadcast, Telecolumbus, Unity Media and YouSee.