Value Saving Projects

The evolution in CATV technology is so fast, that the main parameters of a network entity must be changed after the system start in shorter time than the life span of each network element. Parallel the overall life span is limited by a few critical elements e.g. electrolythic capacitors. In order to lowering CAPEX and enlarging payback it is obvious to longer the life span and improve the parameters up to the desired values at the same time. To realize this COMTECH is the best partner for you. Look at the following articles to ascertain!


"UPC Hungary works with Comtech because: they do not know the word „impossible”, they have solution for everything. Although they are small company but keep abreast of the times. They know very well the CATV business and always give us expert answers to our questions." (Zoltán Veres;Technical development and quality control director; UPC Magyarország Kft.; Hungary)



Do you want to upgrade your network without casting off active devices?

  • COMTECH is ready for modifying the forward and/or return path breakpoints. Changing these parameters needs always new filters and tilt modules produced by us in the highest quality. Rebuilding the on-board circuits is also possible as well as replacing the active amplifier stage with a new one that have larger bandwidth and better distortion parameters - it is possible on demand to use modern GaN elements. (If the original device's gain cannot be improved to the desired level, the auxiliary amplifier offered by us can be used between the upgraded elements.) In case of optical nodes the return path laser module can be upgraded too by placing a new diode with higher power or CWDM wavelength. This service takes in certainly the thoroughgoing measurements of each network elements. We can carry out these works on a larger quantity in parts so the whole system upgrade can be realized without significal system-down even with a little number of spare devices.
  • References:
    • Upgrades for UPC Hungary of Motorola, Teleste and Antec line amplifiers and nodes
    • Supporting upgrades with the MA1012 auxiliary amplifier


Do you want to refurbish your amplifiers?

  • If you have bought future proof products so they need no upgrade but have worked too many hours, COMTECH undertakes the refurbishing of these devices. This work starts with component level measurements and continues with replaces if needed. Based on a unique understanding a group of aging components can changed by default.


Do you have damaged elements without warranty?

  • The standard warranty time is only one year for the most electronic devices. After this expired not even the manufacturer repairs these CATV devices for free. What is more the repair times are in many cases very long. If it does not satisfy you, take consider that the COMTECH service division repairs RF circuits and switching mode power supplies manufactured by the most known firms. The repairing service can be resorted either with upgrading or with refurbishing works together.


Node upgrades

In case of service upgrade the channel number (thus the bandwidth), the modulation order or both of them must be improved. To achieve this the existing optical nodes should not be changed by all, it is enough in many cases to rebuild the optical, the RF or both side of the node, all other elements (motherboard, PSU, mechanics) can be kept in order to lower upgrade costs.

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Amplifier upgrades

To achieve higher channel number and higher data speed the bandwidth and the gain of the active elements must be increased while their noise level must be decreased. If the aim is a very cost effective system upgrade, these improvements can be realized also by only changing the diplex filter, the gain stage(s) and rebuilding the slope circuits as well as the RF ports in all the existing amplifiers on the network.

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Network upgrades

A network upgrade requires often more than bandwidth improvement of each active elements. E.g. all the network elements must be releveled, thus a whole passive module set is needed for all the used device types, and this is not always available at the original manufacturer. By releveling can occur that the node feeding the line provides not high enough output level, a booster amplifier must be mounted between the node and the first amplifier. All these elements are available in the COMTECH product range.

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