2020-03-23 Modernising of the COMTECH headend optical platform has been ended

Modernising of the COMTECH headend optical platform has been ended   As our customers already could recognize at receiving their latest orders, or at checking our website, our headend optical devices are available with new surface. The new design gives not only a look corresponding to the most recent trends, but also symbolizes fitting of the technical content to the needs of DOCSIS 3.1 systems.   The most important development of the last one year period was completing the module set by the FOT-D externally modulated, 1550 nm DWDM optical transmitter. The features of the device – that can be rated as our new flagship – has been evolved in order to serve ... Read more

2018-05-25 Further supplement products for Cisco systems

Further supplement products for Cisco systems Based on the success of our DOCSIS 3.1 compatible module set for Cisco optical nodes, Comtech has decided to continue the development work in this topic. We offer three new types of such products. The first one is a CSC-EQ return path equalizer module for the 93xxx series EGC amplifiers. This unit acts as the conventional return path equalizers for this series, but works with 204 MHz bandwidth utilizing the whole frequency band provided by the return path gain stage.The owners of the same amplifier family are targeted by the CSC-TERM electronic handheld terminal. This device can fully control ... Read more

2018-04-11 Hungarian events in April

Hungarian events in April Two professional events in CATV topic will be organized in Hungary during the next weeks. The first one is the General Meeting and Conference of the Magyar Kábelkommunikációs Szövetség (Hungarian Cable Communication Association), which will be obserwed between 15. and 17. April 2018. in the Greenfield Hotel Golf & Spa****superior (9740 Bükfürdő, Golf u. 4.) in Bükfürdő. All the enquirers are welcome at our table for an unbound talk and at our presentation titled „The HFC network of the future – economically” as well. This will start at 16:40 on the 16. April, and will stated (in ... Read more

2018-03-22 HRF-PG – The story of a bespoke project

HRF-PG – The story of a bespoke project Nowadays if a network is renewed, in the most cases DOCSIS 3.1 compatible systems with a bandwidth of 1.2 GHz will be worked up – even if this capacity in the frequency range is only partially utilized. The background is that the outside plant devices are already amortized, while the existing DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS can offer sufficient service for the subscribers, but the future-proof work should be established. In order to perform the system alignment only one time, it is critical to realize reliable measurements at the highest (and temporarily not used) frequencies. That is the reason, why one of ... Read more

2018-02-21 Comtech delivers DOCSIS 3.1 capability to your existing Cisco network

Comtech delivers DOCSIS 3.1 capability to your existing Cisco network It’s a known fact, that one of the manufacturers of the most popular and prevalent HFC network elements was Scientific Atlanta i.e. Cisco in the last few years. Products of this firm are present in the CATV systems of the most European countries, their average age is quite low in many cases. Since the growth of the demand on high-speed services is accelerating more and more, the need for higher bandwidth devices presents itself significantly sooner, than the CAPEX of these active components returns.Switching off the analog channels reduces this problem in the forward path, but introducing ... Read more

2017-09-24 Exhibition and conference

Exhibition and conference The ECEBE exhibition and the conference of the MKSZ (Hungarian Cable Association) will be organized on the 3rd and 4th October in the MOM Sport Center in Budapest, where we will participate as one of the more than 40 exhibitors. We are open for our partners at the C3 booth in order to consult about their actual questions in HFC topics, and to answer them by our standard and bespoke products, as well as by our services. The detailed program of the event - among others the exact time of our presentation - can be found at the following site: http://www.ecebe.eu/program.html Read more

2017-05-03 Tematical programs in May

Tematical programs in May We gladly invite all who are interested in CATV technology to the three tematical shows in May 2017. For first - between the 14th and 16th of the month - the annual meeting and professional consultation day of the Hungarian Cable Communications Association will be organized, where our colleagues at our booth are at your disposal for intorducing the Comtech products, solutions and their applications. On the 18th will be organized the World Tellecomunication Day on the Széchenyi István University in Győr, where our company will be not only an exhibitor, but will be also by deputy at the ... Read more

2016-12-02 Fiber Deep conference

Fiber Deep conference Our conviction is that all the manufacturing firms have to consult with the representatives of the trade about the newest technologies and trends. Regarding to this Comtech has participated the conference about the advantages and capabilities of the Fiber Deep system as a speaker on the 29th November in Budapest. The most relevant opinion leaders were also present, they talked about their experiences and plans with this solution. All the presentations have been recorded, the videos are available (in hungarian) at the the Hungarian Cable Communications Association. Read more

2016-11-07 Ultrafast Internet on Comtech Fiber Deep bases

Ultrafast Internet on Comtech Fiber Deep bases Comtech has developed a very cost effective, flexible and future proof technology of Fiber Deep systems based on the detection of CWDM signals without demultiplexing. Its take-off is well known: the optical section is terminated directly before the passive distribution network, while more key elements of the original HFC network can be left absolutely unchanged. Regarding to this the transmission capacity is improved and the energy consumption is decreased. The essence of the Comtech solution is that the possible return path capacity improvement exceeds significantly the actual subscriber ... Read more

2016-09-26 Innovation award again

Innovation award again The two large Hungarian CATV association organized together their conferences in 2016, so this year the ECEBE EXPO and the Media Platform show were passed also at the same place and in the same time – COMTECH has taken part to this event this time too. Regarding to our traditions we have presented at our booth our products, which can be interesting on the Middle-European market, while we have had a strategical conference presentation about the Fiber Deep technology and a technical one about one of our products.The latter’s topic was the HRF, i.e. our new, DOCSIS 3.1 compatible, low-power, ... Read more

2016-09-12 Exhibitions in September

Exhibitions in September The two significant Hungarian CATV events, the ECEBE EXPO and the Media Platform will be organized this year at the same locations and in the same time in Budapest on the 19th and 20th September. Our booth can be visited in the technical section, in the MOM Sportshall, where we gladly give You advices and offers about our new and well known products and services. The visitors also can listen to our product show about the headend RF signal organization and about the short term future of the Fiber Deep technology. (The language of the talks will be Hungarian.) Read more

2016-04-29 Visit us at ANGACOM 2016!

Visit us at ANGACOM 2016! The ANGACOM in Cologne is one of the most significant European shows of the CATV trade where Comtech will be a participant this year too. We will introduce our new DOCSIS 3.1 product families for headend and outside plant at our booth. Beside these You can get information on the bespoke development and value saving services of Comtech – we are ready to consult with our actual and future customers to find together the best solution for their needs in the CATV topic.  Meet us between 7th and 9th June 2016 on the ANGACOM show at the booth 10.1/T14! Read more