Special products

The most CATV networks and layers can be operated by using standard products, but situations where a special element is needed also can occur. COMTECH is ready for developing taylor-made solutions or modifying the existing types to provide the suitable network elements for a given application. Our special equipments are usually classical CATV building blocks and modules with on-demand parameters, but we have manufactured other instruments for the 'backstage' works too.

Based on the customers' notions we have realized for example superredundancy for case of power cut, nonconventional bandwidth and impedance, functionally reconfigurable devices allowing a switch over between an energy efficient line amplifier mode and a whole bridger amplifier mode, as well as complex but compact signal organizers in 1U size optimized for existing headend application with even up to 64 connection points. Let you look over our main bespoke products sold up to this point, read the stories of each types and make up your own product idea!